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BOA Ltd. is an environmental planning firm based in South Surrey, outside of Vancouver, Canada. The firm was established in 2001, incorporated in 2011, and works primarily with First Nations, often in negotiation with government and corporate partners. Our core business focuses on the communication of climate change science and First Nation natural resources issues in British Columbia.

Throughout our history we have worked with climate change experts, first nation knowledge holders, anthropologists, engineers, land use planners, GIS specialists and environmental planners who are at the top of their game, and this in turn has enabled us to consistently deliver outstanding performance and quality product to our clients.

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Associate  -  CO2Now

We are happy to welcome aboard our newest Associate, Michael McGee, who is the wundermann behind CO2Now, a site which intelligently provides climate change information as well as climate change widgets now used in over 40 countries around the globe.


Associate  -  LGL Limited  environmental research associates

LGL is one of North America’s leading ecological research companies. LGL provides ecological and planning consulting services for the public and private sectors to clients around the globe. Clients that are seeking analytical and research/information-based products will choose LGL Limited based on their solid reputation for taking objective approaches and delivering credible, defensible results. The experience and skills of their expert personnel are acknowledged and respected by their clients, by regulators, and by their peers, world-wide.


Associate  -  Dovetail Consulting

Dovetail Consulting is a leader in British Columbia for their extensive experience in land use and marine conservation planning. They are senior facilitators in the field of multi-party decision-making. Dovetail has made a significant contribution to First Nation resource planning and management.


Associate  -  Brian Thom Anthropological Research

Dr. Brian Thom teaches at the University of Victoria and writes extensively on Salish culture, ethnographic research and practices in the field of aboriginal policy innovation. Dr. Thom is a senior, highly intelligent and seasoned negotiator. Few can equal his level of direct first nation experience and his constant delivery of excellence.


Associate  -  Chatwin Engineering Ltd.

Chatwin Engineering provides a wide and thorough range of civil engineering services for environmental, industrial, municipal, transportation and urban land projects. Chatwin has worked extensively with First Nations through the provision of economic development, physical developments and treaty assistance. Chatwin Engineering was on the Team that brought in the Final Agreement with the Maa-nulth First Nation.


Associate  -  Secter Environmental Resource Consulting

SERC delivers strategic and operational consulting services in the areas of environmental, natural resource, and land use planning and management. One of SERC's strong skills is their ability to balance conservation and development. SERC has a wide range and long list of First Nation, corporate and government clients.



Brian Olding M Env Des 2Brian Olding is a highly experienced and respected Environmental Planner in British Columbia. Brian holds a Master of Environmental Design from the 4 year graduate program at the University of Calgary, as well as having undergraduate degrees in biology and sociology. He is a strong advocate of carbon emission prevention and the negotiation of First Nation comanagement over natural resources in British Columbia.

Brian Olding manages, directs and delivers all aspects of consulting for BOA Ltd. This includes the critical selection of team associates from associated firms that ensure a direct fit between our client's project objectives and the professional fit of those Team members selected to work on a particular project.

The focus of BOA Ltd. is to assist First Nations who are addressing proposed development projects within their traditional territories. We were recently retained to design and implement the first integrated environmental assessment of a proposed tailings lagoon discharge into sockeye habitat where two First Nations (Williams Lake Indian Band and Soda Creek First Nations) developed common Terms of Reference with the Mount Polley Mining Corporation. We provided our Final Report to all Parties simultaneously. Practical recommendations to ensure the complete protection traditional resources, such as sockeye habitat, were forwarded with the consent of all Parties to the BC Ministry of Environment. We recently provided the Halat First Nation with an assessment of the atmopsheric and marine impacts from effluent discharge from the Crofton pulp mill.

Brian Olding has an exceptionally wide background of 25 years in environmental planning, pollution monitoring, ambient monitoring design and implementation, state of the environment reporting, water resource planning, development of environmental objectives, technical and professional level writing on climate change science, first nation resource management concerns over mining, pulp and paper projects, oil and gas projects, oil spill clean-up, contaminated reserve lands clean-upand a broad range of environmental issues.

Brian has worked in territorial, provincial, federal and First Nation jurisdictions. He spent 5 years in the Northwest Territories as Head of Environment Canada's Water Quality Branch, where he introduced the concept of environmental planning as the basis for environmental monitoring design. His experience includes environmental work in National Parks, coordinating oil spills clean up, oil and gas monitoring, managing contaminated site remediation and the preparation and implementation of monitoring designs for mining developments.

Brian has worked for 5 years with the federal treaty negotiation office, where he worked on treaty mandate development, Chaired the Treaty Negotiation Advisory Committee, managed the BC Capacity Initiative and the Treaty Related Measures progam, for which he was awarded the first recognition for Outstanding Achievement and Initiative issed by FTNO.

BOA Ltd. was retained by the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group on Vancouver Island to prepare strategy, draft chapters, and provide negotiation table support in tripartite AIP negotiations for the Water, Sub-surface, Environmental Protection, Environmental Assessment, and Shared Decision Making Chapters. He worked closely with Community Working Groups to learn from Elders and Knowledge Holders the core interests to be advanced through treaty negotiations. Brian co-authored A Call To Action while working with the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group.

While working on First Nation consulting issues, he is also addressing the communication of climate change science issue and has published The Number One Climate Issue: where is the political support for climate change strategies?, a comprehensive and accessible overview of key climate issues and the difficulties we face in communicating the science behind the issue, with recommendations for interpreting and conveying critical climate change information. Brian works in collaboration with CO2Now and is highly supportive of their work.

Photo Credit for Brian Olding: Tamea Burd Photography

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