Environmental Evaluation

Environmental Assessment

thumb hazeltine creek at quesnel l mouth june 11One of our recent EA's was carried out through a collaborative process negotiated by two First Nations and a mining corporation.

BOA Ltd. wase retained by the T'exelc Williams Lake Indian Band, the Xat'sull Soda Creek First Nations, and Imperial Metal's Mount Polley Mining Corporation, to undertake an independent and objective review of Mount Polley's proposal and permit application with the BC Ministry of Environment to discharge overflow from the mine's tailings lagoon to a creek leading into Quesnel Lake, home to one of British Columbia's most important sockeye populations.  This is the first time in British Columbia that a mining corporation and First Nations have undertaken a collaborative review of a single project together.

We brought in LGL Ltd., Sydney, BC for this project due to their comprehensive fisheries expertise. Our review covered over two thousand pages of technical documentation and included a detailed analysis of hydrology data gathering, effluent dilution calculations, pollutant transfer via sediment discharge, fish ecology and traditional use of the fishery, terrestial biodiversity, the complex development of site-specific water quality objectives, discharge and ambient monitoring plans, contingnency plans, First Nation consultation and participation, as well as a series of recommended corporate committments.

We identified important data gaps and provided specific recommendations on how these gaps would be best addressed. The Final Report was prepared independently by Brian Olding & Associates Ltd. and delivered to all Parties simultaneously so that no third party editing would be able to influence our review and recommendations. The Final report is currently under review by the BC Ministry of Environment.

Land Transfers and Treaty Negotiations

thumb Esquimalt Web 2When you are involved in pre-treaty land transfers, or treaty negotiations over lands, you must ensure that those lands are carefully subjected to an Environmental Evaluation so that you fully appreciate the present environmental health of those lands.

An Environmental Evaluation is an overview scan of the current environmental state and condition of your lands. This entails being aware of the current extent, nature and state of environmental issues ranging from habitat destruction to  pollution from chemical contamination.

We will evaluate your lands for all suspected or known contaminated sites. If one or more contaminated sites are present on your lands, or lands to be acquired, you will require a strategy for site remediation in order to bring these sites back to a full state of environmental health. Depending on the level of contamination, families may not be permitted to use these lands, which means you may not be able to proceed with housing developments or other intended uses. The remediation strategy will competently address these issues so that it can be introduced into your comprehensive negotiation strategy over your lands.


First Nations EA Experience

Brian Olding, M.Env.Des., worked with the Vancouver office of INAC reviewing all categories of proposed development projects impacting First Nations lands throughout British Columbia. This work included the two year management of one of Canada's largest contaminated sites, located on the Esquimalt Reserve, where land that had been contaminated with chlorophenols (historically used in wood mill processes on the reserve lands) was restored to full residential use for the Esquimalt First Nation Community. Similar work included the management and recovery of a significant oil spill that had taken place in Klemtu on the Kitasoo Reserve.

Brian Olding & Associates Ltd. were selected by the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group to prepare chapters and provide table negotiation support and strategy for chapters on Environmental Assessment, Sub-surface management, Environmental Protection, Water Resource Management, and, Shared Decision Making. We spent five years working with Hul'qumi'num community working groups, from whom the ground-up mandates were conveyed by community knowledge holders, Elders and Chiefs.

thumb catalyst mill vancouer sunOur most recent First Nation EA was carried out at the request of the Halalt First Nation to review the marine and atmospheric impacts of the Crofton pulp and paper mill on the Halalt Community and on Halalt's natural resources, including the impact on the food chain for their sea and beach foods. We reviewed the excellent work carried out by Hatfield Consultants who implemented the environmental effect monitoring program mandated by DFO pursuant to the Fisheries Act for pulp and paper mills. Through this review we identified the persistence of dioxins in the hepatopancreas of nearby Dungeness Crab populations. We also reviewed air emission contaminants from the mill, principally through retained and peer - reviewed studies of the air emissions from the mill. The initial studies retained by the mill were found to have serious deficiencies. We further identified the need for a renewed human health risk assessment to be carried out for adjacent communities.

Environmental Management Experience

Brian Olding has 25 years of hands on environmental management experience. He has carried out environmental planning in B.C., was the former Head of Environment Canada's Water Quality Branch for five years for northern Canada, and has extensive field experience in environmental monitoring design, field sampling, laboratory coordination, oil spill monitoring and clean up, contaminated site management, national park experience, as well as environmental negotiation mandate development in both the federal and first nation environments. He has worked on provincial, federal and First Nation environmental planning and review Boards.

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