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Mining and the Atacameños Peoples

Why We Are Working in the Atacama Desert

Brian Olding & Associates Ltd. has been invited by the Chiu-Chiu Indigenous Community, and by Barefoot Productions, a Hollywood Documentary Film Producer, to evaluate selected  impacts of the world's largest copper mine, the Chuquicamata Mine, on adjacent Indigenous Communities in northern Chile's Atacama, the driest non-polar desert in the world. Mining in the Atacamena has enriched Chile as a Nation but has also impacted the Atacameños Communities.

BOA Ltd. is working with two Canadian Environmental Consulting firms, Intrinsic Sciences Inc., GW Solutions Inc., and with Barefoot Productions, to clearly identify environmental issues from adjacent mining that impact nearby Indigenous Communities. Our goal is to facilitate the establishment of positive and collaborative dialogue amongst the mining operators and the Communities. This work is also the subject of a Feature Documentary produced by Barefoot Productions.

The Key Issues - Water Depletion and Wind Blown TSF Contaminants

BOA Ltd. invited GW Solutions, a hydrogeological ground water firm, and Intrinsic Corp., a firm specializing in ecotoxicology, to participate in the Project. We are currently examining wind born contaminants originating from the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF or in Spanish Talabre) as well as the connections between the upper and lower aquifers, which are located below the Talabre, and whether the aquifers may be connected to the Loa River.

Our Goals

The goal is to work with the mining operators to establish a Dialogue Table with the Community of Chiu-Chiu. We wish to examine the environmental issues in a collaborative manner within an inclusive design process that maximizes consensus amongst the Parties. Together we aim to review practical and economic responses to the identified issues. This work is intended to address environmental concerns of Chui-Chui and to build valuable Social Licence for the mining operators.

We are working closely with Barefoot Productions ( who are producing a Feature Documentary Film on the relationship between mining in the Atacama Desert and its impacts on adjacent Indigenous Communities. The Film includes our work in Community Consultation and our endeavour to establish a dialogue between the mining operators and the Chiu-Chiu Community.

Water Resource Management

The access to clean, fresh water become one of the most important components in First Nation negotiations associated with international project developments and treaty negotiations.

This is due to the increasing scarcity of water that has resulted from licencing beyond sustainable limits, the lack of recognition of aboriginal title over water, the increasing impacts of climate change, and the cumulative impacts of historic development activities.

BOA Ltd. has developed and negotiated, high level, strategic water arrangements, at formal Treaty Negotiation Tables and on behalf of First Nations while woking on proposed and existing development projects. Our work is informed by many years of planning and direct field experience on major river systems in southern Canada, Canada's North and in South America.

Climate Change and Energy Development

Global CO2  last million years 270 - 300 ppm 
Global CO2 June 2017 409.61 ppm

A daily record of atmospheric CO2 from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. This is the highest level of CO2 in human history.

Global CO2 Targets - Lower Risk Assessment  350 ppm
Global CO2 Targets - Upper Risk Assessment 450 ppm

Before we consider more pipelines and add more tankers to our shipping lanes we need a provincial and national carbon transition management strategy that is tied into the UNFCCC global carbon framework to ensure Canada's emissions and carbon pricing rules are directly linked to limiting global warming to no more than 20C.

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First Nation Issues

Water - Your Precious Resource

Federal, provincial and proponent Water Monitoring on proposed projects are often inadequate and may be unable to inform you on whether a project should proceed. You will benefit from an independent, professional review to ensure that post-project water quality is fully understood by all decision makers.

Resource Management Decision Making

This means that First Nations also have the right to management of natural resources across their lands. This is particulartly important given the changes in EA legislation which provide for less participation, are less comprehensive, more compartamentalized, and apply to fewer developments.

Climate Change

Climate Change is occuring very much as predicted in 2007 by the United Nations AR4 Report. BOA Ltd. is now reviewing the AR5 Report. We are reducing carbon emissions in our Business practices at home and throughout the world.

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